International conflicts, negotation-simulation


The aim of the seminar is to know more about the roots of the
conflict between Black Africans and Arabs in Darfur and to find a
solution to this problem.

Course description:

Date           Topic
1. week Requirements, syllabus of the semester
2. week Historical background, evolution of the conflict in Darfur
3. week Analyze of documents – United Nations; participants, group formulation
4. week Peek-period of the conflict, research
5. week Preparation for the negotiation
6. week Presentation of the standpoints
7. week Presentation of the standpoints
8. week Presentation of the standpoints
9. week Presentation of the standpoints
10. week Presentation of the standpoints
11. week Presentation of the standpoints

12. week Presentation of the standpoints

13. week The newest documents
14. week Pre-negotiation 15. week International negotiation

Every participant has to take a role in the negotiation game and
during the semester has to prepare a presentation.
Missing from the negotiation or three times absent without leave from
the seminar means unsatisfactory qualification.

Required reading:

1. DALY, M.W.: Darfur’s Sorrow, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2007.

Selected bibliography:

PRUNIER, G. – Darfur: The Ambiguous Genocide. Cornell UP, 2007

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O’BALLANCE, E. – Sudan, Civil War and Terrorism, 1956-99. Macmillan Press, 2000

Negotiation simulation: 50%
Presentation: 20%
Activity during the seminar:10%